Each one of us should have our personal diet plan according to our life style and health type. We, at Motherland Wellness Center formulate your precise diet plan according to naturopathy lifestyle principals to maintain balance between your weight, fat/calorie consumption and the metabolic rate.

You will experience real soft & smooth skin with added glow and freshness on your face. This 20 minute Herbal Face Mask Treatment is suitable for females belonging to any age category. Everyone should take regular care of their facial skin and avoid cosmetics with harsh chemicals.

Most women’s in their mid 30’s go through an issue of unpleasant odour and itching in their private organ which leads to inferiority complex and related problems in them. At Motherland Wellness Center, a special herbal powder tub bath provides effective cleansing and relieves one from the unpleasant odour phase.

You will experience a smoothness and fairness on your facial skin in this 20 minutes face mask treatment.

This is a unique naturopathy treatment for skin care. We, at Motherland Wellness Center choose charcoal face mask treatment suitable for your skin and healing purpose from among the different types of facial masks. Charcoal Face Mask absorbs skin impurities, dirt, dust, oil & helps remove toxins giving your skin a soothing glow.

Due to drastic environmental changes in terms of increased pollution level or increased fast food & packed food consumption, our body retains certain toxic substances which can give birth to other disorders in near future. A natural Detox is a preventive treatment as it is rightly said “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.”

This Detoxification Package is a preventive health management purely based on Naturopathy Treatment. Each one of us should detoxify our body atleast once in a year to maintain our physical and mental health and fitness. Duration of this treatment is 7 days.
Below are the highlights of detoxification package

  • Herbal medicated oil body massage
  • Herbal medicated steam bath
  • Enema
  • Detox machine treatment
  • Hot /cold Herbal bath
  • Mud therapy

This treatment is highly recommended for patients suffering from

  • Skin disorders
  • Severe Acne pimples
  • Chronic constipation
  • Digestive disorders
  • Hyper acidity
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Various feminine health disorders

The most important factor contributing to a healthy body is proper weight management with appropriate weight-height ratio. In this era of sedentary lifestyle, irregular diet, fast foods, excessive sugar intake through various beverages, sweets, desserts, tea/coffee etc most people gain weight which further leads to obesity as most of us fail to exercise regularly. Excessive obesity leads to metabolic disorder like diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular disorders etc in long run.

Naturopathy has a result oriented natural approach towards weight management through various diet programs and acupressure treatments.

Below are the highlights of weight loss package

  • Complete Body checkup
  • BMR/BMI monitoring
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Body analysis
  • Personalized yoga/exercise sessions
  • Steam bath
  • Acupressure treatment
  • Full medicated body massage

This treatment is highly recommended for patients who desire to naturally lose their weight and are committed towards their own physical health and well being. Flexible timing for housewives and working women’s is available.

In this modern complex work environment, working women go through tremendous physical and mental stress due to the growing work pressure. Some of them fall prey to several health disorders due to their ignorance towards their own heath, irregular working hours, unhealthy diets, addictions, inadequate sleep etc.

This rejuvenating Body Relaxation package is specially designed for working women, considering their working hours. This is a 7 day treatment made more flexible with special weekend schedule.
Below are the key features of relaxation package

  • Aromatic Oils massage
  • Body relaxing massage
  • Full body Vibrator massage.
  • Foot Detox
  • Shirodhara Treatment
  • Steam bath
  • Fomentation
  • Diet counseling
  • Mud therapy
  • Acupressure treatment
  • Special Leg massage

This treatment is highly recommended for patient suffering from sleeplessness, mental irritation, restlessness, hyper tension, regular headache, migraine, fatigue, low energy levels, depression or interested in regular body massage.

Diabetes is mainly a lifestyle disorder which increases blood sugar levels and its effects on our body are very harmful that’s the reason why it is called a silent killer. Prolonged diabetes adversely affects some of our body organs. Every diabetic patient should maintain his sugar level through proper diet, exercise and regular health checkups. Regular body massage, foot massage is highly recommended to maintain blood circulation throughout the body.
Key features of Diabetes Care package are:

  • Special Diabetic Foot massage
  • Diabetic Diet counseling
  • Full body massage
  • Special acupressure treatments for blood circulation
  • Special Leg massage session
  • This package is highly recommended for Diabetic patients from all age groups.

Patients suffering from arthritis, knee pain, backache, spondylitis or pain in the whole body take various modern medicines regularly but these can prove to be harmful in the long run. Patients need some alternative therapy support system to minimize or control the pain. Naturopathy Treatment Protocols have effective treatments and YOGA practice sessions for such pain management depending upon the patient’s current health status. Features and Highlights of Pain Management treatment package
Below are the features of Pain Management package

  • Personalized yoga sessions
  • Local massage
  • Acupressure treatment
  • Blood circulation massage
  • Fomentation Treatment
  • Local steam
  • Local massage
  • Special diet for immune modulation

Pain Management package is highly recommended for patients suffering from severe pain due to various disorders like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, knee pain, body ache, backache, sprains etc.

  • Knee pain
  • Spondelytis
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Constipation /Digestive problems.
  • Sleep apnea/insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Femine Health disorders
  • Migrane /headace
  • Mental stress /fatigue

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